| 1815 W. 4000 S. Bldg. #4, 84067 Roy UT
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Call Us: (801) 603-4534

Meat Supplier in Roy, UT

About Us

Bonneville USDA Meats is a USDA choice, federally inspected meat plant in Ogden, UT. Our owner, Bo McDonald, has been in the meat industry since 1995. He knows the ins and outs of the business. He was raised on a 15,000 acre cattle ranch in New Mexico, which shows how much Bo knows about meat.

Only The Freshest And The Finest

“Our fresh cut meats are higher in quality and less expensive than your local grocery store's!” We offer the finest meats from all around the globe. One of our primary goals is to put those on your table at the most competitive price.